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This Topics Index allows you to search for any of the items on the website through a list of general search terms.

Click any red reference, where A stands for Article, TN for Training Notes and HC for Health-checks, to go directly to that item - it takes you to the relevant synopsis page. Then you can either click the pdf link to read it or the return button to try the next resource listed.

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Topic Resources
360-degree reviews TN144
Accounts A18, TN29, TN98  See also Budgets, Financial giving, Treasurer
Achievement HC1, HC3, HC6, HC7
Administration See Church Administration
Administrative appointments A38, A42, TN40, TN115  See also Church Administrators, Operations Managers    
Administrators (general) HC8, HC9, TN4, TN115  See also Church Administrators and many other items
Administry A53
Advising churches A35, TN64, HC2, HC4, HC5
Agendas See Meetings: agendas  
Aims A4, TN152  and as examples in many other items
Alpha-type groups A47  and as examples in many other items
Annual meetings A20, A24
Answerphones See Voicemail
Applying for a post See Job applications
Appraisal See Review: staff appraisal
Architects TN117
Assessments, administrator HC8, HC9, TN115
Assessments, church A35, HC2, HC4, HC5
Assistants TN101
Awaydays A30
Back to church A31
Behaviours TN119
Belbin for teams A45
Bible: administration A15, A27, A46, TN21, TN68, TN72, TN73, TN112, TN124 and in other topics too    
Bible: leadership A12, A13A24, A27, TN56, TN87, TN106, TN112, TN120, TN125, TN141 and in other topics too
Bible: other A49, TN25, TN43, TN79, TN91, TN96, TN107  and in other topics too
Boards See Trustees
Body language TN30, TN49, TN94
Branding and design A2, A29, TN22
Budgets TN108  See also Accounts, Financial giving, Treasurer
Building project finance See Capital (finance)
Building projects A44, TN117
Buildings See Church buildings
Business plan TN140
Camera TN123
Capital (finance) A16, TN19, TN117
Care-taker A46
Car parks A31. TN137
Categorisation A35, TN138, HC1, HC2, HC5, HC7
Chairing meetings See Meetings: chairing  
Change management A44, TN3, TN12, TN59, TN81, TN121
Character (personal) TN25, TN87, TN96
Charity Commission TN147
Choice HC1, HC3, HC7, HC8
Christian Effectiveness Model HC1, HC3, HC6, HC7
Christian stewardship A7
Church administration A15, A46, TN4, TN21, TN72, TN73  and in many other topics
Church Administrators A42, A53, TN40, TN115, TN126 See also Operations Managers
Church Admin'rs advice TN4, TN60, TN68, TN77, TN86, TN102
Church buildings A28, A31, TN33, TN44, TN117, TN122, TN135
Church councils See Meetings - PCCs
Church culture See Culture
Church Health Review A35, HC1, HC2, HC4, HC5
Church members TN10, TN24, TN91  See also Members joining, Members leaving and other topics
Church office A1, A33, A34, TN46, TN66, TN102, TN122
Church/PCC Secretary See Meetings: Secretary  
Church profile TN114
Church purpose A35, TN124
Church services: liturgy A49, TN1, TN16, TN47, TN82, TN93
Church services: other A18, A47, TN21, TN52, TN83, TN109, TN137
Church staff See Staff team roles
Clergy See Leadership ministry, Minister's role/personality, etc.
Closing an activity TN34
Clutter A36, A37, TN57
Code of Conduct A141
Coffee after service See Refreshments
Collaborative ministry See Teams, Delegation
Committees TN58, TN88, TN90, TN130, TN136  See also Meetings
Committee members TN88
Comms: plans A9, A33, A39, A54, TN82, TN99, TN114  See also Accounts, Internal communication, External communication
Comms: speaking skills A19, TN2, TN38, TN39, TN105, TN121, TN123
Comms: writing skills A29, TN2, TN38, TN75, TN89, TN121 
Confidentiality TN110
Conflict TN30, TN125  See also Change management
Congregations TN27, TN95, TN104, TN127
Consultants TN64
Contracts See Staff: employment  
Co-ordination TN104
Court case TN55
Courtesy TN86, TN96, TN107
Creative thinking TN103  See also many other topics for examples
Criticism TN30
Culture TN142
Customer care TN86  See also Courtesy, Hospitality, Visitor welcome
CV A22
Cyber security TN46, TN143
Danger TN33
Data protection A55, TN111, TN129
Database TN129
Day off TN106
Deacon (biblical term) A46
Deacons See Church administration and in many other topics
Decision making See Meetings: decisions  
Delegation TN15, TN101, TN112 
Design See Branding and design
Desk management A1, A36, A37, TN53, TN57  See also Self-management: overall  
Diary A51, TN23  See also Self-management
Director of Operations See Operations Manager
Disability TN44, TN135
Discipleship TN25, TN91
Display software TN52, TN82
Distractions TN62
DIY training A49, A52, A54  
Document management A55
EAs See PAs/EAs
Eco-church TN122
Editors A9  and as examples in several other items
Elders TN18  But see also Leadership ministry, Leadership teams
Emails A11, TN53
Employment and contract See Staff: employment
Environment TN122
Equality Act TN92, TN135
Event management A30, A44
Every-member ministry A43, TN24, TN36, TN55, TN148  See also Volunteers: strategy    
Excellence HC1, HC3, HC6, HC7
Exit interviews TN95
External communication A14, A21, A39, A54, TN9, TN39, TN44, TN75, TN89  See also Internal communication
Facebook See Social media  
Filing A1, A37, A55, TN53, TN138  See also Desk management
Financial giving A7, A16, A18, TN19, TN29, TN108
Financial policy/team A47, TN98, TN111, TN116
Gantt charts A44
Generosity A3, TN29, TN98
'Generosity and sacrifice' A3a
Gifts of administration A15, HC8, HC9, TN21, TN72, TN73, TN115
Giving See Financial giving
Global mission TN42, TN116  See also World
Gospels, The TN25, TN43, TN68
Gossip TN110, TN119
Governance See Trustees
Grounds (church) A31, A45, TN33, TN44
Groups A48, TN41, TN104, TN119, TN127 See also Small groups, Teams
Handovers TN131
Health and safety TN33, TN85, TN111
Health-checks HC1, HC2, HC4, HC5, HC6, HC7
Hiring out rooms See Lettings
Holidays, church A30
Home groups A48  See also Small groups
Home working A25, A36, A37, TN62  See also Self-management: overall
Hospitality TN86, TN107, TN137, TN146  See also Visitor welcome
HR TN130  See also Staff employment, Staff remuneration, etc.
Illustrations TN145
Image See Branding and design
Income TN29
Influencers TN127
Integrating newcomers TN134
Internal communication A9, A14, A18, A39, TN38, TN52, TN63, TN69, TN82, TN93  See also External communication
Intercessions See Prayer / Intercessions  
Interruptions A25, TN11, TN43, TN62, TN84 
Interviewing A17, TN16, TN65  See also Job interviews
IT A11, A14, TN46, TN53, TN99, TN143
Job applications A22, A23, TN65, TN76
Job descriptions A6, A38, A42, TN6, TN14, TN40
Job handovers See Handovers
Job interviews A17, A23, A50, TN65
Job references See References
Large churches TN6
Lay Ministers A26
Layout (study) A36
Leadership delegation See Delegation
Leadership principles A12, A13, A45, TN30, TN50, TN78, TN87, TN90, TN151
Leadership ministry TN28, TN70, TN120  See also Minister's role/personality
Leadership teams A24, A41, TN18, TN50, TN87, TN101
Leading church services See Liturgy leading
Leading groups/teams A45, TN119, TN120  See also Groups, Teams
Lesson reading A49, TN1
Lettings A28
Line management A32, A46  See also Staff: management, Volunteers: management
Liturgy leading See Church services: liturgy
Live streaming TN123
Local community TN137
Local media TN75, TN89
Logo's A2
Lone Worker Policy TN85
Management See Staff: management, Volunteers: management, Line management and elsewhere
Marketing plan See Business plan
Martha and Mary TN68
Media, The See Local media
Meetings: agendas A40, TN61, TN118 , TN150
Meetings: chairing A5, A40, A41, TN13, TN71
Meetings: Code of Conduct TN141
Meetings: decisions TN8, TN118, TN125, TN147
Meetings: minutes TN45, TN97, TN128
Meetings: PCCs A20, A24, TN147
Meetings: Secretary A40, A41, TN45, TN61, TN97
Meetings: size A24, A41
Meetings: small groups A48
Meetings: staff TN128
Members joining A31, TN14, TN107
Members leaving TN27, TN95
Messy Church A47  and in many other items
Minister review TN144  S ee also Staff management
Minister's role/personality TN6, TN28, TN70, TN78, TN132 
Minister vacancy A50, TN114, TN131
Minutes See Meetings: minutes  
Mission See Purpose or Mission agencies or Outreach depending on the meaning you want
Mission accompaniment See Advising churches
Mission agencies TN5, TN35, TN42, TN116, TN140, HC1, HC6, HC7
Mission enabler TN64
Mission partners TN42, TN116
Mission statements TN48
Mobilising the church See Volunteers: strategy  
MOTs TN91  See also Review: self-review  
Moving on See Handovers
Multi-parish benefices TN51
Natural Church Development HC4
'Netiquette' A11
Newcomers A6, A8, A31, TN14, TN109, TN134 See also Visitor welcome
New leader TN28, TN70
News A54, TN9, TN38, TN39
Newsletters A9, TN63
Newspapers TN9
No. 2 to a No. 1 TN101
Nolan principles TN141
Notices TN93  See also Internal communication
Occupational Requirements TN92
Offering (The) A18
Office See Church office, Paper management  
Office location (mission agencies) TN26
Operations Managers A38, A46, A53, HC8, HC9, TN115, TN138  See also Church Administrators
Orchestral approach (chairing) A5
Ordinal, The TN78
ORs See GORs
Outreach A21, A31, A47, TN129   and in other topics
PAs/EAs TN101
Paper management See Desk management  
Paper and print A29
Parish profile See Church profile
Parking See Car parks   
Pastoral care A56, TN149  and in other topics
Patronage process A50
Pay See Staff: remuneration  
PCCs See Meetings: PCCs  
PCC Secretary See Meetings: Secretary  
PCC Treasurer See Treasurer
Person profiles A6, A38, A42, TN87, TN114
Person specifications See Person profiles
Phishing See Viruses, 'phishing', etc.  
Photographs TN22
Planning ahead A4, A35, A44, TN32, TN54, TN133, TN152  See also Vision, Purpose, Values
Planning permission TN117
Planning retreats See Retreats
Plant See Church buildings
Policies (examples) TN85, TN86, TN92, TN98, TN99, TN107
Policies and procedures TN111
Post-Covid TN148
PowerPoint TN52
Prayer / intercessions TN47, TN69, TN150, TN154
Preaching See Sermons  
Premises A28, A31, TN33, TN44
Presentations A19, TN121  See also Comms: speaking skills
Press / media See Local media
Print See Communication plans, Communication skills, Newsletters  
Profile See Church profile
Project management A44
Projects A16, A30, A44
Pub names (buildings) TN44
Purpose A4, A24, TN48, TN124 and in many other topics
Quality See Standards
Readers (Anglican) A26
Reading aloud A49, TN1
Reception point A33, TN102 
Recordings TN123
Records See Filing
References (for posts) TN76
Refreshments A31, TN83, TN109
Relationship lists TN142
Releasing leaders TN101, TN112
Reliability A27
Remuneration See Staff: remuneration
Reporting a meeting TN45  See also Meetings: minutes
Retreats TN54
Review: activities A40, TN34, TN42    
Review: church A35, HC1, HC2, HC4, HC5
Review: planning A4, TN4
Review: self-review TN11, TN54, TN91
Review: staff appraisal A32, TN17, TN95, TN144, TN152  See also Staff: management, Volunteers: management
Role definitions See Job descriptions
Rooms, letting A28
Rural ministry TN51
Safeguarding TN111
Salaries See Staff: remuneration
Salary differentials A3
Saying 'No' TN84  See also Self-management
Scams TN46, TN143
Screens (in church) TN52, TN82
Seating layouts TN71
Secretary (meetings) TN45, TN61, TN71, TN97  See also Meetings
Security TN46
Selection process (staff) See Staff: selection
Self-awareness TN30, TN49, TN94
Self-management: overall A4, A25, A27, TN7, TN17, TN43See also Desk management, Home working, Stress, Time management
Self-management: tools A51, TN11, TN23, TN62, TN84
Seniors A56, TN149
Sermons A19, TN21, TN56, TN145
Services See Church services
S.H.A.P.E. A43
Shepherd (leadership) A12, A13
Small churches TN51, TN126 
Small groups A47, A48, A56, TN104  See also Groups, Home groups, and in many other topics
Social media TN99
Sorting See Filing, Desk management
Speaking skills A19, TN145
Staff: administrative A38, A42, TN40,
Staff: employment A6, A8, TN85, TN92, TN95, TN111, TN130
Staff: management A6, A10, A32, TN15, TN17, TN20, TN85, TN95, TN128, TN144
Staff: meetings TN128
Staff: remuneration A3, TN37, TN80, TN130
Staff: selection A17TN37TN65, TN92, A50
Staff team role TN5a, TN50
Standards A14, A27, A35, HC2, HC4, HC5  with examples in many other items
Steward A7, A46, TN78
Stewarding See Visitor welcome
Stewardship A7  See also Financial giving
Stipends See Staff: remuneration
Strategic plan See Planning ahead, Business plan
Strategy TN42  with examples in many other items
Stress TN24, TN67, TN151
Structures A48, A56, TN18, TN20, TN50, TN51, TN58, TN80, TN104
Study (the room) A1, A36, A37
Succession planning TN133
Targets A4, TN152  and as examples in many other items
Team leaders TN139, TN148 
Teams A24, A41, A45, A56, TN18, TN41, TN79, TN119, TN139 See also Leadership teams
Tech A11, A14, TN46, TN53, TN82, TN99, TN113, TN143, TN149
Theological issues A15, A46, TN124  See also Bible: administration, Bible: leadership, Bible: other
Time management A51, TN7, TN11, TN23, TN43  See also Self-management: overall
Time log TN11
'To Do' lists A51, TN23
Training A10, A49, A52, A54, and in many other items
Treasurer A16, A18, TN29, TN98, TN108
Trustees A24, A47, TN5, TN26, TN35, TN88, TN111, TN130, TN136, TN147 See also Meetings: (various)  
Twitter See Social media
Validity HC1, HC3, HC6, HC7
Values A4, TN25, TN74, TN142
Video TN123
Viruses, 'phishing', etc. A11, TN46, TN143 
Vision A4, A52, TN32, TN124, TN152  and within several other topics  
Visitor welcome A21, A31, TN14, TN83, TN109, TN134
Visual design See Branding and design
Voice control A49
Voicemail advice TN105
Volunteers: strategy A43TN15, TN36, TN37, TN100, TN126, TN139, TN148
Volunteers: management A6, A32, A45, A47, TN17, TN144, TN153
Volunteers: care of A10, TN24, TN31, TN55, TN85
Volunteers: succession TN131, TN133
Websites A14, TN113
Weekends away A30
Welcome See Hospitality, Visitor welcome
Welcome pack A21
Winnie the Pooh (!) TN60
Work-life balance TN7  See also Time management
Workplace (church staff) TN66  See also Church office, Home working
Workplace (secular) A43, TN10, TN106
World TN3, TN10  See also Global mission
Worship See Church services: liturgy, Church services: other, Discipleship or Workplace (depending on the meaning you want)
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Your resources have been invaluable to our review and planning group.

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