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First published on this website in February 2018

Words: 2000
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Categories: Leadership


These notes set up a discussion for Ministers and church leaders on issues to do with both ‘work’ and ‘rest’. They highlight the need for greater understanding of practical issues that arise for a Minister’s ‘day off’ and a congregational leader’s time outside working hours.

The following are covered:

  • Key principles (such as Sabbath, rhythm, pride, sloth)
  • What is ‘work’ for different groups of church members?
  • What is ‘rest’ (issues of sleep, relaxation, recreation, routines, relationships, discipleship)?
  • Issues for time ‘off’ and holidays

Each section suggests discussion questions; the notes are designed to bring out the issues for a group to work at more than to provide easy answers. This topic is rarely shared in this way.


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