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First published on this website in October 2008 and last updated in August 2022

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This item can be used for meditation as there is a range of verses cited from the four Gospels. These support the points made about how Jesus used his time in his three years of ministry.

  • A laid-back approach (one day at a time; perspective; time off; interruptions; crises)
  • A driven agenda (missed sleep; tired, hungry and thirsty; packed schedule; psychological pressure)
  • A clear plan and priority (waiting; prayer; team training; overall purpose; clear priorities; right timing; final climax)
  • Lessons for us (God's timing not ours; God's agenda not ours; God's expectations not ours)

'Time management' is a meaningless phrase as it is ourselves we have to manage within the gift of time that God gives us. Jesus probably had three short years for his ministry, so there is much we can learn from him about how to order our days.

Some text laid out for a possible bookmark is included at the end.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in August 2022 with minor alterations to the text.