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First published on this website in March 2006 and last updated in May 2022

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We can be very critical of someone behind their back but fail to offer (or accept) constructive criticism. These interactive notes are designed to help a group think this issue through. Various scenarios are presented with questions for groups to tackle. These concern the Minister's preaching, helping out in the church office, an all-age service team and a voluntary welcome team.

The notes then give 12 possible ways forward:

  • Admit the problem
  • Be vulnerable
  • Check motives
  • Encourage first ...
  • ... but do not pander to pride
  • Pray
  • Select the right medium/time
  • Set standards but offer support
  • Change the church climate
  • Be open about the process
  • Never blame your team
  • Build one another up.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in May 2022 with minor alterations to the text.