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A56 Organising pastoral care

... in an all-member culture

First published on this website in October 2023

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This is not an article on how to do pastoral care but on the more neglected topic of how to structure it within a church or group of churches. It assumes a culture of such care being everyone’s responsibility, not just the Minister’s. But once everyone is involved there needs to be some form of shape so it takes place effectively.

There are five parts:

  1. Overview
    An explanation  of all-member culture, a definition of such care, some scriptural backgrounds and the importance of safeguarding.
  2. Taking care in practice 
    The broad scope of the topic with a wide list of examples, four forms of care, and a listing of those who need care and those responsible for providing it.
  3. Small groups in a care structure
    The importance of the church’s existing groups in enabling all-member care.
  4. Other means of offering care
    A range of ways in which care can be provided both for church members and as part of outreach.
  5. Possible team structures
    Models to choose from including the setting up of a Pastoral Care Team and the appointment of a Care Lead. Sample person profiles and role definitions for team members and leaders are provided, plus notes on some structural issues that arise.


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