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A10 An introduction to the art of training

Help people learn new skills

First published on this website in April 2005 and last updated in December 2022

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Categories: Communication , Management


The article offers advice and encouragement to all who want to run a training event in their church or Christian mission. It is designed for clergy, other leaders, managers and trainers of any kind.

1: What do trainers need?
You need to be an expert – an enthusiast – an enabler
Training is all about communication – change – capabilities – context

2: Those you are training
You need to hold four points in tension:

  • your brief
  • their expectations
  • your plan
  • their needs

3: Getting the room right
A checklist of 16 points to help you lay out the room in the best way, covering points such as the size and shape, the coffee hatch, the chairs, the layout and the clock.

4: Constructing the event
Ten pieces of advice for putting together a memorable and successful event, such as keep the dynamic changing, move from input to activity, surprise people from time to time, keep to time.

5: Learning exercises
Fundamental principles: purpose, simplicity, groups, etc. Then a listing of 11 exercise types with explanation to add variety and aid learning.


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Author's notes

This article was last updated in December 2022 with minor amendments to the layout and text.