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A24 Mission-shaped Church Councils

Three ways forward

First published on this website in May 2010 and last updated in May 2024

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The article shows how mission-shaped thinking might impact a church decision-making body. Each of the three parts includes a biblical background, three principles to follow and ten practical applications.

1 The need for a clear purpose
Mark 3:13-19 - principles include signing up to a clear role for the whole group and focusing on leadership.
Ten applications include defining a Council role, establish a small 'prophetic' group, and investing in training.

2 The need for a big agenda
Colossians 1:9-14 - principles include taking a big-picture overview with mission as what the agenda is all about.
Ten applications include seeing every agenda item in a future context, regarding the Council as a change-agent and giving detailed business to small groups.

3 The need for an effective team
1 Timothy 3:8-13 - principles include seeing this as a 24/7 team where character becomes a vital feature for the members.

Ten applications include giving time to building the team, keeping the team small and recognising the team leader as a distinct role.


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Author's notes

This Article has been updated in May 2024 with minor alterations to the text and layout.