Welcome to my website, whether you are on a PC, tablet or phone. I am a church consultant and trainer who champions the ministry of creative organisation.

I seek to resource and encourage Christian leaders, managers, trustees, planners, communicators and administrators. I am passionate about helping the Church to become effective for Christ in all it seeks to be and do.

This site explains:

  • the professional services I provide to churches and mission agencies
  • the over 140 free resources you can print or download
  • the Church Administrator network that I co-ordinate (UCAN)
  • the vision that I pray for and work towards.

On this site you can contact me, come on to my resources mailing list or, for Church Administrators, join UCAN.

Within this welcome section you will also find:


The Training Notes page has new materials on social media guidelines and why volunteers do and do not offer in churches. These were uploaded on 5th April.

You can now listen to the March 2017 Cutting Edge conference main talks on the UCAN recordings page. The UCAN resources page (restricted to Church Administrators who are UCAN members) has major new items including many back-up resources from the conference and the new 2017 version of the 'Risk Toolkit' pack.

Other aspects of this site and the resources it holds are updated on an almost daily basis.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry


Church administration consultant, John Truscott

Site last updated: 24th April 2017.

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