Welcome to my website, whether you are on a PC, tablet or phone. I am a church consultant and church trainer who champions the ministry of creative organisation.

As a church operations specialist I seek to resource and encourage Christian leaders, managers, trustees, planners, communicators and administrators. I am passionate about helping the Church to become effective for Christ in all it seeks to be and do.

This site explains:

  • the professional services I provide to churches and mission agencies
  • the over 200 free resources on creative church organisation you can print or download - this will be the section that most people will want to aim for
  • the network that I recommend all Church Administrators join (UCAN)
  • the vision that I pray for and work towards.

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Within this welcome section you will also find:


Uploaded for June 2024: New Training Notes TN155, The value of the 'Blob pictures' tool. Find this on the Training Notes index page. There are over 200 different resources available on the site.

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UCAN members

I no longer run the UK Church Administrators Network (UCAN) but support all they do. Please go to the UCAN website.

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