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A46 Redefining 'management'

Three Bible images to consider

First published on this website in October 2019 and last updated in November 2023

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This article takes a particular angle on the idea of management in churches by considering what the Bible has to say about the images of:

  • The manager as a ‘steward’
  • The manager as a ‘care-taker’
  • The manager as a ‘deacon’.

This gives a rather different way in to this topic than by considering management in commercial business and leads to an understanding of what it might mean to ‘manage’ a church in the way God intends.

The article studies dictionary definitions for these terms, examines Bible passages that use the words in different contexts, and suggests new ways of using words that might be helpful in developing a fresh approach.

The article concludes with seven recommendations for application in churches which include fresh thinking on line management and on pastoral care and the need to understand that management, provided it is seen through a biblical lens, is essential if churches are to thrive.


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Author's notes

This article was updated in November 2023 with minor amendments to the layout.