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Vision statement

My vision is to see an effective Church, one that

  • puts Christ first
  • focuses on its purpose
  • makes wise choices
  • does things well.

This is a four-part definition of what it means to be an effective church on a global and a local scale.

This means I pray for

  • A proper recognition of God’s organisational gifts at national and local church levels, in mission agencies and in Christian education.
  • The deployment of gifted, passionate and creative organisers to release leaders and support the Church’s ministry. 

This is my big-picture dream for the future.

Prayer for each assignment

In each assignment, event or contact the vision works out as a prayer that those involved:

  • will have a new sense of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, with a renewed enthusiasm for following him and growing in their faith
  • will become significantly more effective in practical service, whether they are leaders or followers, staff or volunteers, solo workers or team members.
creative organisation for effective christian ministry
Vision and values

John works towards his vision in a range of different ways. Follow him on Twitter (link near top right-hand corner of every page) for micro-ideas to bring effectiveness into view. If you do not have a Twitter account simply keep using this link* on a regular basis to see all John's tweets. He adds several new ones each week.

* The link appears on every page of this site. On pages in the Administrators section the link is to a special UCAN Twitter feed.



Thank you for your website, which has been serving me and our church with wise administrative advice for many years! 

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