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These notes were first published on this website in June 2014 and last updated in April 2022

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In recent years many churches have switched from providing books and sheets for worship, teaching and information to projecting it all up onto screens and monitors. But is this all to our advantage?

These notes list ten ‘screen snags’ including:

  • the limited field of view on one screen,
  • faulty technology,
  • having nothing to take away,
  • time to prepare all the slides.

These are followed by ten ‘print problems’ including:

  • giving everyone a mini-library,
  • visitors not knowing where to turn next,
  • lack of versatility,
  • having your hands full rather than hands-free.

Once you recognise the weaknesses of each system, you can assess how to use the strengths of both.

Ensure all those in your church or mission who are responsible for worship, teaching and communication receive a weblink or a printed copy.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in April 2022 with minor alterations to the text.