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First published on this website in June 2012 and last updated in April 2022

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There is more to paper and print than most people realise. Try the quiz and read this beginner's guide.

The look of the product
Straightforward explanation and advice on paper shape, quality and look, plus print quality and font options.

Laying out the print
This covers margins, columns, font size, headers and footers, and vertical spacing. Many church publications have paragraphs and line lengths that are too long to read easily.

Special features of interest
In case your print now looks tidy but boring, here is advice on emphases, boxes, visuals, indents and breaking grids.

The text includes a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of printing terms ranging from 'What is gsm?' for paper to 'What is the non-theological link between salvation, justification and baptism?'


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Author's notes

One comment on this item said, "Good, easy introduction to things we've probably all been semi-conscious of when we've been putting in print, but never known why certain documents look better than others. If you're in charge of your Sunday newsletter and reports/information leaflets, you better read this!"

This article was updated in April 2022 with minor amendments throughout the text.