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First published on this website in August 2021 and last updated in August 2023

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We are not good at what is known as ‘succession planning’. The most obvious application is planning for a Minister vacancy, but these notes take a broader look at the subject and also cover what happens when:

  • a church office-holder or team leader resigns;
  • a paid staff member announces they are leaving;
  • a church project or event comes to an end.

The notes consider ten ideas for action now covering advice such as:

  • Get planning onto the church agenda.
  • Maintain updated handover papers.
  • Insist on limited term appointments (for volunteers).
  • Overlap appointments if you can.

But there are also five listed dangers to avoid: power seekers in the vacancy, inappropriate timing, the assumption that like replaces like, when the person leaving then stays around, and the specific difficulties when a founder leaves.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in August 2023 with amendments to both text and layout.