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This page shows what I believe about the ministry I have been called to.


The foundations for my ministry are:

  • A belief that this is God's work - I am his servant. So prayer supporters are valued and essential co-workers.
  • A determination to focus my work on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • An enthusiasm for the Spirit's gifts of administration equipping the Church to serve Christ in the world.
  • A clear understanding and right application of Scripture to provide the basic principles for all activity.


I seek to display

The importance in Christian work of spiritual and relational health, and of mental and physical fitness.

The highest possible standards of pastoral sensitivity, empathy, confidentiality and care, always valuing people before systems.

The spark of creativity, holding a clear understanding of today’s Church and society, while being ready to be prophetically counter-cultural when required.

Excellence in all forms of output, in value for money, and in reliability and efficiency.

Bringing healing through the most straightforward solutions that are possible in a complex world.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry

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On behalf of the diocese, thank you so much for all your input over the years into the formation of Readers and Curates – you’ll know from all the positive feedback how much it has been appreciated.

A Church of England diocesan officer responsible for training in an email - January 2024