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HC6  The Christian Effectiveness Model

1: Introduction (2015 revised version)

First published on this website in 2008, revised in 2015 and last updated in December 2022

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Categories: Administration , Communication , Leadership , Management , Planning , Structures


This first of two items (Part 2 is at HC7) explains the Christian Effectiveness Model as a means of assessing the effectiveness of any kind of Christian mission agency or church enterprise.

Part 1 explains the terms used and introduces two case studies. It then addresses the issue of whether it is possible to measure effectiveness as such.

The Model is then outlined. It is based on four themes:

  • Validity
  • Choice
  • Excellence
  • Achievement.

Each theme has 12 questions to ask, and each question has five sample tests. Part 1 shows the structure, then explains the choice of the themes and questions, and explains how the Model is run.

The actual questions and tests are all listed in Part 2 (HC7) but Part 1 is essential reading for an understanding of how the Model works.


Here is the link to this item: PDF HC6 - The Christian Effectiveness Model 1.pdf

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Author's notes

The Model underwent a major revision at October 2015 to recast all the questions into 'open' format, to make the explanation more user-friendly and to add other material. If you use the Model I would be glad to hear about this, and I welcome ideas for improvements.

The Model has been updated in December 2022 with minor changes to the text.