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First published on this website in January 2002 and last updated in November 2023

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Some Ministers feel guilty at their failure to make time for anything other than 'ministry'. Others are frightened to admit they may have a problem.

Here are some straightforward, practical ideas for all who want to make time for life. They come grouped under three headings:

How to look after yourself

  • Get help
  • Block out space
  • Do things by clockwork
  • ... and others

How to make time for family and friends

  • Classify time-off as an engagement
  • Get away from home
  • Replace lost time-off at once
  • ... and others

How to promote your own spiritual growth

  • Include it in your role description
  • Use a different space
  • Use symbols
  • ... and others

We all need to watch our health: personal, emotional, relational, spiritual.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in November 2023 with some formatting changes.