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Advice and examples for staff and volunteers

First published on this website in December 2003 and last updated in July 2024

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Job descriptions are often drafted unhelpfully, used sporadically and then buried somewhere deep inside a filing drawer. This article provides straightforward advice on how to write and use them well.

1: Questions and answers
A range of FAQs with their answers with the focus on the three sections every job description needs:

  • Why am I doing this job?
  • Who do I relate to in doing this job?
  • What am I responsible for?

Questions covered include 'How long should a job description be?' and 'Should you fit person to job or job to person?'.

2: Other helpful paperwork
The person profile – the summary of expectations – the aims for this year

3: Worked examples
Examples for a church’s paid Youth and Community Worker and a (voluntary) member of the Newcomers Team


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Author's notes

This article has been updated in July 2024 with minor amendments to the text.