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First published on this website in October 2005 and last updated in April 2023

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These notes are unusual in that they contain only headings and lists, a total of 136 points to consider when any Christian mission contemplates a move of office. They are grouped under 34 headings which are themselves placed into five main categories.

  1. National location
  2. Area location
  3. Office facilities
  4. Financial issues
  5. Staffing and supporter issues

As an example, the headings under 'National location' are as follows:

  • Location in an international context
  • Location as a Christian statement
  • Location as a denominational or professional statement
  • Perception of the location by the avency's non-office staff and supporters
  • Suitability of base for staff who travel
  • Ease of access for committee members and others.

Each of these has four sub-points to consider.

Some of the points listed may be obvious (cost, floor-space, explaining the move to supporters). But others may not be considered until it is too late. So, to ensure you leave nothing to chance when you are thinking of a change of location, here is your starting point.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in April 2023 with minor alterations to the text.