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How to develop paid staff

First published on this website in February 2014 and last updated in December 2017

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In my investigations of church staffing and operations over the past few years one theme has emerged with worrying regularity: the poor quality of staff management.

This Article seeks to correct that by explaining seven areas that a good and creative staff line manager should pay attention to.  They are as follows.

1        Attitude – clarifying what line management should be about: change
2        Analysis – understanding yourself and the one you manage as people

3        Foundations – clarity in job description, person profile, employment
4        Plan – personal aims, personal targets and your own commitment

5        Review – a range of ways to review their work and plan for the future
6        Encouragement – the vital need to build people up
7        Reprimand – its need, key principles and due process


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Author's notes

This article forms the basis for a training event on managing staff. It has been updated in December 2017 with some minor amendments, mostly to layout.