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These notes were first published on this website in April 2014 and last updated in February 2024

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These notes provide foundations on which to build an understanding of how to lead a church or mission through change. There are three parts.

Six points to challenge your views on change
These seek to show that the idea that the default position is to maintain the status quo (with change as the exception) is the wrong way round. Change is the norm.

  • Change is natural
  • Change is everywhere
  • Change is of God
  • Pastors are leaders of change
  • Significant change is often messy
  • Discernment is vital

Five questions to ask
These provide a language to use when seeking to understand the change process. The idea is of two 'sceneries' and a 'journey' from one to the other.

  • What is the change? - An issue of scenery
  • How do we get there? - An issue of journey
  • Why are we changing? - An issue of purpose
  • Who are the stakeholders? - An issue of people
  • How much influence do I have? - An issue of control

Four ways of being involved
These take the issue of control and differentiate between managing change and living with it.

There are exercises to do alone or as a group under each of these three headings.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in February 2024 with minor amendments to the layout.