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First published on this website in April 2008 and last updated in March 2024

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"People talk a lot about teams but their understanding of the term is often inadequate. Christians, in particular, are apt to use the term too freely, without recognising the challenge that the idea brings."

So begin these notes which go on to describe four key features that distinguish a team from a group.

  1. One task and vision
    This is not the same as each person's individual role but they all contribute to something bigger than their own task.
  2. An agreed way of working
    This will include non-negotiable principles, community culture and internal guidelines.
  3. A committed membership
    This includes the membership boundaries, understanding each other's needs, valuing everyone, trust and vulnerability
  4. An identified leader
    Someone to feel the responsibility for all the above.

See if your group is a team or not. Ideal support for team leaders and all team members to discuss together.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in March 2024 with minor alterations to the text and layout.