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These notes were first published on this website in August 2015 and last updated in July 2023

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Most churches are guilty of ignoring the mission opportunity that confident engagement with the local media offers. These notes call on churches to put aside their fear of having no control over the final outcome and write regular and well-crafted media releases.

There are eight steps suggested to get started including to appoint a media champion and, if necessary, to close some other mission activity down.

  1. Get the topic onto the agenda
  2. Seek a champion
  3. Make them accountable
  4. Research your local media
  5. Read news stories
  6. Use social media
  7. Plan ahead
  8. Close something down

News stories are those that are people-centred, visual, colourful, topical and relevant. But many church events can be written up with a news slant.

This is followed by clear advice on how to prepare a cracking media release including the first sentence, the way to write, the need for someone to be quoted, adding photographs and getting it in fast.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in July 2023 with minor amendments to the text and layout.