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First published on this website in February 2007 and last updated in January 2023

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An outline of the most common areas where things go wrong in mission agencies from my experience, designed for staff and Board members, although this list is also relevant for churches.

  1. Control of the organisation
    Who thinks they own this show? A list of unhealthy possibilities is provided.
  2. Context for decisions
    Do we all understand why we're here and where we're heading? The need for all to agree on the big picture issues.
  3. Clarity of roles
    Are Board and staff working together in harmony? The roles of both need to be defined and held.
  4. Chemistry of CEO and Chair
    Is there mutual trust and respect? This is a crucial relationship.
  5. Change management skills
    Are current developments being handled well? Too often one party champions change and the other resists it.
  6. Communication that listens
    Are we getting through to each other? Is everyone being heard?


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in January 2023 with a revised layout. If you have ideas to add to or amend the list, please email me.