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TN86 Customer care for churches?

These notes were first published on this website in June 2015 and last updated in May 2023

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We are used to 'customer care policies' for commercial enterprises, but these notes take this idea and apply it to churches. We have a different motivation to serve people well and may need to use a different term, but the idea holds good.

These notes cover

  • Who are your customers? - A list which may be wider than you realised.
  • What is your motivation in devising this policy? - A reference to Philippians chapter 2.
  • Who delivers customer care? - In one sense, every church member.
  • What might a policy include?

Under this last heading a sample policy is shown to help you write your own. This has sections on:

  • Overview
  • Sunday welcome
  • All-week reception
  • Welcome in other media
  • Other 'visitors'
  • Complaints policy
  • Review


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Author's notes

These notes have been  updated in May 2023 with minor formatting changes.