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TN86 Customer care for churches?

These notes were first published on this website in June 2015 and last updated in May 2021

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We are used to 'customer care policies' for commercial enterprises, but these notes take this idea and apply it to churches. We have a different motivation to serve people well and may need to use a different term, but the idea holds good.

These notes cover

  • Who are your customers? - A list which may be wider than you realised.
  • What is your motivation in devising this policy? - A reference to Philippians chapter 2.
  • Who delivers customer care? - In one sense, every church member.
  • What might a policy include?

Under this last heading a sample policy is shown to help you write your own. This has sections on:

  • Overview
  • Sunday welcome
  • All-week reception
  • Welcome in other media
  • Other 'visitors'
  • Complaints policy
  • Review


Here is the link to this item: PDF TN86 - Customer care for churches.pdf

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Author's notes

Please email me with further ideas and comments for when these notes are next updated. Thank you.

I have already updated these notes from helpful comments about evaluating performance and on how we should reach out to those in need through physical, mental or spiritual problems.

These notes have been further updated in May 2021 with minor amendments to the text.