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A call for a fresh approach

First published on this website in February 2008 and last updated in December 2017

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This article tackles three areas in how we handle finance where church practice is often culturally outdated, biblically suspect and a dangerous hindrance to Christian teaching.

Giving, receiving and offering
Giving – how church members give money on a regular basis
Receiving – how the church accepts what has been given
Offering – how the receipt of this giving is set within the context of worship

Financial story-telling
A plea for Treasurers to break away from the mystique of financial codes to let stories shine

  • Keep the plots simple
  • Focus on stories of today
  • Avoid epics from other worlds
  • Bring stories to life
  • Finding the plot

Financial attitudes
Attitudes to ownership, to generosity and to faith


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Author's notes

This article was last updated in December 2017 with minor alterations to the layout.