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TN90 Put someone in charge

These notes were first published on this website in December 2015 and last updated in October 2023

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We are used to the idea of one church member taking overall responsibility for church finances. This is the Church Treasurer.

These notes make a case for extending this idea to other broad areas of ministry in churches of all sizes so that one person has overall responsibility. You would then have a team of workers under a leader rather than a committee of talkers. There is a worked example for church communications. Other ideas suggested include:

  • visitor care and integration;
  • every-member ministry;
  • outreach and service;
  • employment of staff.

The notes list seven advantages of this idea. These include holding someone responsible, good co-ordination and decisions taken quickly.

There is also a list of seven potential dangers. These include the one person falling down on the job, finding someone suitable, and the danger of control.

The notes then raise the issue of accountability.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in October 2023 with some formatting changes.