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Part 1: Biblical research

First published on this website in January 2006 and last updated in August 2023

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The first of two articles (with A13) which categorise the biblical references to shepherd and related terms to understand what this image contributes to current thinking about church leadership.

1: Sheep in their biblical context
Classifying 600 Old Testament and 100 New Testament references

2: The OT metaphorical references
People as God’s sheep – sheep scattered or lost – God’s rescue of his flock – God as Shepherd of Israel – God as the shepherd of his people – Christ to be Shepherd – human shepherds – human shepherds who failed

3: Ezekiel chapter 34
What the shepherds did – God’s rescue plan – judgment on the sheep

4: The NT references
Literal references – Jesus, the Lamb of God – people as God’s sheep – sheep that are lost or scattered – Christ as the good shepherd – Christian leaders as shepherds

5: John chapter 10 verses 1-18
The figure of speech – Jesus as the gate – Jesus as the good shepherd – leadership

See also Part 2 which goes on to apply this analysis to church leadership today.


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This article was updated in August 2023 with some minor amendments to the layout.