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First published on this website in February 2023

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Scammers target churches with criminal intent. Even if your key communications people can spot most scams, what about volunteers in the church office or church office-holders who may not be quite so savvy but anxious to please anyone who contacts them?

These notes act as a refresher course for us all at a time when some scams are getting pretty sophisticated, and as training material for your church volunteers and staff.

There are sections on common terms in use, scam topics, and action to take when necessary. A section on clues for scams or fake messages gives nine points to look out for.

  1. An attachment from an unfamiliar source
  2. A sense of forced urgency with penalties
  3. A generic greeting
  4. A strange URL
  5. Poor quality text/layout
  6. A recorded message
  7. Any unexpected gain
  8. Any request to transfer funds
  9. Any offer of tech support.

One in eight charities experienced cybercrime in 2021. Make sure your church workers are fully aware of the danger signals.


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