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These notes were first published on this website in October 2016 and last updated in September 2022

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If you have a set of church values, why not include the idea of courtesy? The word may sound dated today, but the concept is clearly biblical.

The first section works from the idea of loving your neighbour as yourself and shows how Paul also taught the need to put others first. Included within this are references to the fruit of the Spirit and the whole of Romans chapter 12. There are then three areas of practical application.

  1. Being thankful - with illustrations for service leaders, volunteer teams, the Minister, and everyone.
  2. Saying sorry - such as when we let others down, fail to keep a commitment, use inappropriate words or (controversial point) are late for church services.
  3. Generous behaviour - applied to hospitality, church visitors, visiting speakers, communication and the use of mobiles.

An old fashioned concept or a Kingdom value? You decide.


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Author's notes

These notes focus mostly on life within the church family. For similar principles for those outside, see TN86, Customer care for churches?  Also TN107, A church policy on hospitality.

These notes have been updated in September 2022 with minor amendments to the text and the layout.