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A5 How to chair meetings

An orchestral approach

First published on this website in September 2003 and last updated in May 2024

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Advice for all who chair Christian business meetings, by using the analogy of conducting an orchestra.

1: Prepare the symphony
Study the score – Gather the orchestra – Rehearse the concert – Set out the platform – Check the recording

2: Attend to the orchestra
Tune the instruments – Send clear messages – Watch all sections – Repeat key themes – Show no favouritism

3: Select the tempo
Study the whole symphony – Choose the right speeds – Keep the orchestra in time – Avoid conducting from the keyboard – Judge the concluding speed

4: Direct the players
Learn from the greatest conductor of all – Draw in those who aren’t playing – Control the wannabe soloists – Retune those who go off key – Consider whether you are the right conductor


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Author's notes

This article has been updated in May 2024 with minor alterations to the text and layout.