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First published on this website in December 2023

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This is a joint output from Peter Crumpler and John Truscott.

Although somewhat slow to join the technology revolution, many churches are now very much online. But they are leaving some people, many of them seniors, behind. Not everyone has a laptop or smartphone. Some are finding it frustrating that online access to information or bookings is now wholly online. So what is to be done to show proper care?

These notes offer seven principles to follow and then give ten practical ideas.  The ten include:

  • Ensure there are alternative ways of discovering information.
  • Have a printed database available and remind people on rotas.
  • Don’t expect everyone to follow your church services on screens.
  • Distribute hard copies of committee papers to those who opt for this.
  • Make an audio CD of your services.
  • Create a printed library of these website resources.

Many seniors have embraced the new world but some have little desire to do so. We need to show love and care for them in appropriate ways.


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