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TN83 The service isn't over yet

These notes were first published on this website in June 2014 and last updated in April 2022

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Churches spend time planning their Sunday (or weekday) services with care. They may also plan the welcome at the start. But what about the ‘welcome’ at the end?

These notes provide you with 25 points to ponder about what is happening at the close of each service. Here is material to help your staff, Ministry Team, Worship Group or Newcomers Team consider the issues. 

Engagement: Ten questions you may forget to ask
These consider issues such as:

  • what you mean by church ‘service’,
  • how you ‘sell’ what happens at the close of the formal liturgy,
  • the memories that newcomers will have afterwards.

Refreshments: Ten practical aspects to consider
These cover:

  • what to drink, eat,
  • paid or free,
  • crockery,
  • seating.

Farewell: Five final points to say good-bye
These cover how to bid farewell to early and late leavers, the role of the Newcomers Team and more.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in April 2022 with minor amendments to the text.