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Themes and questions side by side

First published on this website in August 2008 and last updated in February 2019

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This short article compares and contrasts two health-checks included on this website.

The Church Health Review (at HC4 & HC5) is designed to help any Christian church assess and improve its spiritual well-being. It consists of a set of 45 questions to be asked, divided into 15 sections which, between them, form five themes. These are:

  • Godward
  • Usward
  • Outward
  • Leadership
  • Support

The Christian Effectiveness Model (at HC6 & HC7) is designed to help any Christian mission agency or church enterprise assess and improve its effectiveness in ministry. It consists of a set of 48 questions to be asked, divided into 12 sections which, between them, for four themes. These are:

  • Validity
  • Choice
  • Excellence
  • Achievement.

These are all explained through the use of clear diagrams and samples.


Here is the link to this item: PDF HC1 - CHR-CEM comparison.pdf

Author's notes

The Church Health Review was given a makeover in September 2014.  The Christian Effectiveness Model, similarly, in October 2015. This paper explaining the two was updated in February 2019 with minor amendments throughout the text.