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There are a number of ways in which you can respond to what you find on the site or discover when new resources become available.

  • The Resources e-letters page shows the information about the Resources section of the website sent to all on this particular mailing list.
  • The Contact John page provides a response form to enable you to come on to my resources mailing list or to ask me any question about my services in the UK.

Resource comments

But there are other ways to respond too. I welcome comments and feedback on each of the 140+ items in the Resources section of this website and update each item in the light of these. Email me any thoughts on any of these items.

UCAN specialist forums

UCAN members also have their own question/response pages (see the Administrators section) but these are only accessible by registered UCAN members and are not for general use. Members can log in and see MQR2 on the UCAN resources page.

Personal contact

And of course you may instead email or phone me using the contact details at the top of every page.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry

Hover your mouse over the cartoon at the top of each page for an enlarged image. To see the cartoonist, try the 'What's new' page in the Welcome section.  



I am in awe of the incredible work you do and the time you have put into setting up such a valuable support network for Church Administrators.

An email from a Church Administrator referring to the UCAN aspect of this website - January 2017


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Follow John on Twitter for (mostly) daily items on church organisation. Several link to the Resources section of this website.