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First published on this website in August 2023

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Many churches are telling me that they are struggling to find volunteers to serve in a wide range of church ministries. This has come to the fore in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

These notes identify the problem and explain how it has arisen. They suggest four approaches to adopt when tackling it, starting with the idea that ‘volunteering’ is not the right concept.

Twelve ideas are then given, all of which are required for people and especially younger members to share in service. These are expressed in personal terms to bring home how many people perceive the issues:

  1. A church vision I can own
  2. A church leadership I trust and respect
  3. A discipleship challenge I can respond to
  4. A scheme with a champion
  5. An approach that is personal
  6. A purpose I can see fits with the church vision
  7. A gift, skill, enthusiasm or experience I believe I have
  8. A team I can be part of
  9. A team leader I can serve under
  10. A commitment that is limited
  11. An achievement that is celebrated
  12. A role I can develop within.


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