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2: Questions and tests (2019 launch version)

First published on this website in April 2019 and last updated in March 2023

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How do you know if you have been given a gift of administration? This detailed assessment tool explains three themes to investigate, each with three sections.

The Aptitude theme is for all administrators. There are three sections covering organisation, detail and service.

The Fascination theme is for those whose gifting lies more in the operational sphere. There are three sections covering business, systems and people.

The Discipleship theme puts it all into a Christian context. There are again three sections covering focus, faith and lordship.

Paper HC8 provides an introduction to the tool. It notes that there are different gifts of administration (from 1 Corinthians 12), explains the three themes shown above, each of which is given 15 questions, and provides an understanding of how the tool works. You need to read this introduction before attempting to use this exercise.

Paper HC9 then lists all the 45 questions (15 for each theme), provides 5 sample tests for each one to give some idea of how to answer it, and includes assessment sheets to complete and an idea of how to interpret your results.

There is a simplified version of the tool for more general church use at Training Notes TN115, Identifying gifts of administration.


Here is the link to this item: PDF HC9 - A Gift Assessment for Administrators 2.pdf

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Author's notes

You need to have read HC8 as an introduction before studying this HC9 which gives you all the questions and tests. This health-check was last updated in March 2023.