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First published on this website in December 2002 and last updated in November 2023

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TN12 covers the final part of the kind of training events I run on managing change in churches. It consists of 20 ideas if you want help in how to ease a church congregation or organisation's staff through a process of change.

  • Ask 'Why?' before you ask 'How?'
  • Distinguish purpose from vision
  • Understand the purpose of any church
  • Help everyone to think visionary
  • Keep God's Kingdom as the focus
  • Never lose sight of the destination
  • Show it's part of something bigger
  • Communicate in every way you can
  • Listen to feedback at every stage
  • Think before you go public
  • Try an experimental period
  • Keep everyone together
  • Ripple it out
  • Model the new setting
  • Know your history
  • Take it in stages when you can
  • Let people say good-bye to the old
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Admit when you get something wrong
  • Learn from every mistake.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated with some format changes in November 2023.