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First published on this website in February 2007 and last updated in January 2023

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What do you do when the person and their (unpaid) job in the church just don't fit together? Can you sack a volunteer? These notes provide guidance through this minefield.

The suggestion is to first consider five issues (such as, who says this person is in the wrong place?). Six case studies are outlined to show possible scenarios.

Three longer-term needs are suggested:

  1. Practise a more thorough approach to selection
  2. Teach a more selfless approach to service
  3. Adopt a more radical approach to activities.

There are then seven practical ideas to help you in the present situation you find yourself in:

  1. Put prayer at the heart
  2. Ensure a leadership team agrees
  3. Talk openly and honestly with the person
  4. Give them space
  5. Explain the benefits of a change
  6. Aim for a positive outcome for them
  7. Take the spotlight off them.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in January 2023 with minor amendments to text and layout.