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If you need practical help for Christian ministry, or fresh ideas to make you sit up and think, here are 219 resources not to miss. They are all available free of charge (minimal conditions apply).

This section gives access to a wide selection of writing on church administration:

  • Articles - items of up to 10,000 words covering a wide range of topics
  • Training Notes - shorter, no more than 2,000 words, a 5 minute read
  • Health-checks - detailed models for testing churches, mission agencies and individuals

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I check, update and, I hope, improve each Article and set of Training Notes at least once every two years. For example, in March 2024 I updated Articles A43 and A47, plus Training Notes TN41, TN42, TN65, TN66 and TN123.

I welcome feedback by email and will amend items and add notes in the light of comments received. That's the beauty of web publishing.


To produce a printed listing of all the resources, download the following file and print it backed by flipping on the short side (set the Adobe print menu to 'actual size' not 'to fit'). This lists all resources to April 2024. You are welcome to make as many copies as you like, or I can post you copies.


If you are looking for other material on church operations and administration, I warmly recommend Gavin Smith's website: The Church Office. This includes a range of helpful templates.

Church Administrators and Operation Managers should join the UK Church Administrators Network (UCAN) and their website then offers members a wide range of resources.

If you are looking for similar material to my Training Notes and on related themes written for small charities and churches I recommend Helen Calder's website: Helen's Headlines.

creative organisation for effective christian ministry


(Your resources) have been invaluable in helping both me and my parish leaders to think through (and often re-assess) our approach to varying elements of ministry and parish admin.

A recently retired Minister in an email - October 2023

Note that quotes throughout this website come from unsolicited sources and are being continually changed to ensure that all have been received within the past 12 months.

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April 2024

See Training Notes TN153, How not to manage volunteers!, and TN154, Prayer sessions that engage. Find these on this page and again on the Management, Communication and Alphabetical index pages.


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