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First published on this website in August 2018 and last updated in July 2022

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These Training Notes set out the issues to be covered in a Confidentiality Policy. But instead of the normal application for staff or project volunteers, these notes are different and look at the subject from the perspective of the whole congregation. Here are the main sections:

  • When is there a breach of confidence?
  • What other policies exist?
  • Why do leaks take place?
  • How widely may information be shared?
  • Where do we need to take care?
  • What actions do we take over any breach?
  • How do we prepare a church-wide Confidentiality Policy?

These notes are designed to raise awareness of the issue in church, and point out the dangers of gossip, prayer news, those who seek power, malicious action and theft/carelessness. Useful for a staff or leadership team discussion, with application then to the whole membership.

The notes can also be used as the foundation for any church's written policy on this topic.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in July 2022 with minor amendments to the text.