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First published on this website in June 2018 and last updated in June 2022

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These notes encourage a church to prepare a policy on hospitality. The following areas are covered.

  • Entertaining guest speakers and visitors
  • Arranging meals and accommodation
  • Going the extra mile
  • Saying thank-you
  • Paying proper fees and expenses
  • Showing generosity to mission workers

Offering meals and care for various groups

  • Those who live on their own or from abroad
  • External groups that hire your rooms
  • Newcomers' meals
  • Events for the local community

Encouraging a church-wide culture of hospitality

  • Those able to invite visitors back to Sunday lunch
  • Those who use their homes for others
  • Hospitality in small groups
  • Church means for those who would value help

Here are practical ideas to work out appropriate responses to an Old Testament concept and a New Testament command.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in June 2022 with minor amendments to the text.