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TN54 Creating space for a Planning Retreat

First published on this website in March 2010 and last updated in January 2024

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These notes put the case for what is termed a 'Planning Retreat'. They explain what this concept is, a combination of both a planning/review session and a spiritual retreat, to review the past, analyse the present and plan for the future. A typical one includes

  • unhurried study of the Scriptures;
  • a careful analysis of the past year (or other period);
  • time to pray over this;
  • big picture planning for the coming period;
  • an activity to provide input;
  • a careful write-up.

They describe how it can be done, whether monthly, termly or annually, and cite Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and John Stott who both recommend something similar.

The notes conclude with how this idea works out in practice in the author's life and ministry.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in January 2024 with minor amendments to the layout and text.