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First published on this website in August 2006 and last updated in June 2022

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Unpaid church workers too often serve without proper support and encouragement. These notes provide a checklist of ten actions that churches should be taking.

  1. Christian teaching on discipleship
  2. Prayer
  3. Due recognition
  4. On-going communication
  5. Training
  6. Practical help and resources
  7. Encouragement and thanks
  8. Feedback and correction
  9. Team support
  10. Short-term contracts.

People will offer their time and skills in this busy age, but only if they know that they will be properly supported and not taken advantage of. The more care you take of volunteers, the more people will offer. The point is not just to get work done but to build people up in their faith through practical service.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in June 2022 with minor additions to the text.