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TN45 Are you sure it's minutes you need?

First published on this website in December 2008 and last updated in September 2022

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Too many church meetings have a written output in the form of formal 'minutes'. This is fine for many meetings, but not for all. These training notes identify four other possibilities and outline what all five might look like for a particular meeting of a Church Awayday Team, or CAT for short. The five are:

  1. Complete transcript
  2. Formal minutes
  3. Notes
  4. Report
  5. Nothing at all

Here is a timely check for all your church's groups to ensure you are providing the most appropriate and helpful form of written output. It should also give you some new ideas to try.

For more advice on formal minutes, read Training Notes TN97. How to minute a meeting.


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Author's notes

These notes have been updated in September 2022 with minor changes to the text and layout.