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First published on this website in April 2020 and last updated in March 2024

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This set of training notes sets out a range of tips for everyone who is asked to record a video including preachers, presenters, lesson readers, notice-givers, trainers and children’s church leaders.

There are five practical tips under each of the following headings:

  • Set-up
  • Camera and light
  • Background
  • Yourself
  • Your body
  • Delivery
  • Props and extras.

The list brings together wisdom from several sources but, above all, from mistakes we are all making as we scramble to learn new skills to match current needs.

Follow this advice and you will be saved from typical errors such as:

  • filming from below and so up your nose
  • having one side of your face in darkness
  • forgetting that the clock will chime before you finish
  • looking serious and deadpan as you record
  • putting your notes in the wrong place.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in March 2024 with some amaendments to both text and layout.