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First published on this website in December 2019 and last updated in December 2023

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The gospels provide us with a master-class from Jesus on how to lead a motley group of people (his apostles) starting from a low base. The notes check out St Mark’s Gospel to see what leadership principles we can learn from the Master. They come in four groups.

1:  Defining the group

  • Each person matters
  • A clear task
  • Strength in diversity

2:  Clarifying the plan

  • Stage 1: to show them who he was
  • The key moment
  • Stage 2: to lead them to Jerusalem

3:  Being tough as a leader

  • Challenging your followers
  • Rebuking your followers
  • Prioritising your aims
  • Sharing your vulnerability

4:  Being gentle as a leader

  • Patience with slow learners
  • Rest and real care
  • Acceptance of others’ failures
  • Special treatment


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in December 2023 with some minor amendments.