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Creative organisation

My purpose is to champion the ministry of 'creative organisation' in churches. Here are the six areas I work in to achieve this, this time with specific examples to show what each might mean in practice.


1: Personal support for Christian leaders

Working with all in positions of church and mission leadership to help you to:

  •  define your role and priorities
  •  understand yourself as the person God has made you
  •  organise your life and work effectively
  •  manage your own administration and deskwork
  •  cope with the pressures of leadership
  •  work with (or as) an Associate and in teams.

2: Management training for Ministers and mission executives

Helping leaders develop good people-skills to enable you to:  

  •  understand management and delegation
  •  mobilise and support the church’s volunteer workers
  •  appoint, manage and develop staff
  •  lead small groups and teams well
  •  set up and run an effective welcome ministry
  •  be aware of relevant employment legislation.

3: Structural review for Trustees and Church Councils

Designing structures to enable God’s work to flourish by helping you to:

  •  appraise the working of the Board (for a mission agency)
  •  set up an appropriate leadership team (in a church)
  •  structure paid and volunteer staff
  •  organise and/or lead business meetings that achieve their aim
  •  simplify committee structures to move you into mission mode
  •  shape a salary scheme to serve your vision.

4: Creative tools for strategic planners

Taking a big-picture overview of a church or mission agency by helping you to:  

  •  undertake appropriate health-checks and overall assessment
  •  explore your Christian foundations and calling
  •  clarify purpose and define vision
  •  identify distinctive values in a pastoral setting
  •  set future plans under Christ’s control
  •  discover how to handle issues of organisation and change.

5: Practical advice for Christian communicators

Offering help to put your message across in a range of settings to enable you to: 

  •  understand the communication process (as preacher, speaker, writer)
  •  write/design a website, news-sheet or outreach leaflet
  •  keep the church in touch through innovative newsletters and reports
  •  speak in public or lead a training session
  •  lead intercessions or read lessons at church services
  •  make good use of the local press and other media for outreach.

6: Fresh thinking for administrators and helpers

Providing motivation and basic skills to enable you to:

  •  assess building needs
  • prepare a financial appeal
  •  rethink the practice of Christian stewardship/giving
  •  run an effective church or mission office
  •  understand and appreciate God’s gifts of administration
  •  design systems and plan major events.
creative organisation for effective christian ministry

Note that these six areas then form the six categories used in the Resources section of this site.

Here they appear as: Leaders, Managers, Trustees, Planners, Communicators, Administrators.

There as: Leadership, Management, Structures, Planning, Communication, Administration.



Just to feedback and say how valuable I found the session on Tuesday and the information (you) gave especially in relation to smaller churches and setting up systems to manage information/ communication.

A PCC Secretary in an email - October 2023