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HC2 The Church Health Review

A summary of the Review and how it works

First published on this website in September 2017 and last updated in January 2023

Words: 1500
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Categories: Administration , Communication , Leadership , Management , Planning , Structures


This paper provides a short summary of the Church Health Review, which may be found at HC4 and HC5 on the Health-checks page of the website.

It explains the five themes used in the Review:

  • Godward
  • Usward
  • Outward
  • Leadership
  • Support

It then lists the headings for all 45 questions in their groupings and shows two examples of sample tests.


Here is the link to this item: PDF HC2 - CHR summary.pdf

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Author's notes

This summary was updated in January 2023 with minor adjustments throughout. The full version of the Church Health Review was last updated in September 2022.