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First published on this website in April 2013 and last updated in February 2023

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Training Notes TN72 and TN73 offer a beginner's guide to church administration for all who want to understand what this subject is about.

TN72 takes the first three of five headings and examines:

1:  The image
We may have a lowly view of the subject but Scripture takes a different position. This is why some of us get so excited about church administration.

2:  The scope
This is checked out by groups of people and then by types of activity. Activities include

  • buildings
  • communication
  • finance
  • legislation
  • office
  • planning
  • systems/structures
  • volunteering
  • welcome.

3:  The gift
A quick check on the idea of spiritual gifts of administration and why a reading of 1 Corinthians chapter 12 leads to the idea of the plural (gifts).

This is followed by questions and actions to ponder and discuss. These notes are designed for a group setting as well as for an individual read.


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Author's notes

These notes were updated in February 2023 with minor amendments. The second part follows in TN73.