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First published on this website in December 2005 and last updated in October 2023

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When a church appoints a new Minister people are often not prepared for someone who has a different personality from his or her predecessor. Even if you have got an exact match on theological position, there may well be other factors that are very different too. Examples include

  • leadership style
  • delegation
  • priorities
  • church practice
  • external responsibilities
  • gifts.

These notes open up the issue and then give six ideas for minimising hurt.

  • Take the selection process seriously.
  • Be prepared for differences of the kind listed above.
  • Don't load the other party with excessive expectations.
  • Be clear on priorities.
  • Provide training for both new Minister and church in the first year.
  • Keep communication open.

For further reading see, for example, Training Notes TN70, Do's and don'ts for a new Minister, TN114, How to prepare a church profile, and TN132, What you look for in your Minister.


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These notes have been updated in October 2023 with some layout changes.